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Taking Notes

Over the last 100 days, my learning curve has been extremely steep. Taking notes has been my habit ever since the 1st year of my college. I always love to write down things that I have learned. Jotting down notes gives me the final confidence about the things that I have learned. It also helps me in quickly ramping up the concepts again when required.  I have written over 50 notebooks containing notes related to my profession, i.e. Computer Science and several more on other areas of interest. I have kept them very carefully and carry each one of them wherever I relocate to (mostly in the hope that I will get a chance to go through them one day). When I look back now, I see that my notes suffer from some serious problem: Outdated information:  Since computer science is an ever-changing domain, most of my notes are now outdated. A few notes like those related to C++, Java, Algorithms, and Design Patterns are still good enough. Other notes like that on Hyperledger (a blockchain framework)