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Rendering Performance Evaluation - Android SDK vs React Native

UI rendering speed has always been a key for evaluating a new technology. The lesser is the rendering time, the more preferable is the technology. In the recent times, React native has become very popular for developing native apps. Such apps are truly native and way different from similar other technologies like Xamarin and Cordava. I got some time to evaluate how React Native compares to Android SDK. TLDR: As you might expect, Android SDK outperforms React Native by a huge margin. But React native technology is slowly catching up (most of the credits goes to the amazing diff rendering technology which forms the core of React). React native is efficient enough for apps with small number of UI components which could be rendered within reasonable time. Performance comparison Emulator used for evaluation Model - Google Pixel 2 API Level - 24 Resolution - 1080 x 1920 (420 dpi) CPU - x86 Target - Android 7.0 RAM - 1536 MB Evaluation criteria We will be creating a large